Funding treatments to end paralysis...

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How To Help

Much of the money raised by Trust PA so far has been provided by friends, family and individuals. If you are interested in helping us to end paralysis, here are some successful ideas which work …


GOOD IDEA - SET UP A FUNDRAISING PAGE - this is free to you,

                                            at our new partner Wonderful - CLICK  HERE

                                             Or to use - 'GoFundMe' - CLICK  HERE


Just right for; marathons, fundraising events, competitions or birthday/milestone donations etc.

A great, easy way for people to support you directly, while saving all the hassle of handling cash.

NB: All donations will be transferred to Trust PA, - 

                Plus the Extra GIFT AID which increases any donations from tax payers by 25%   

                                  (so £10 becomes £12:50) & this can all happen easily online.




Help us both at NO COST - by Decuttering & Donating unwanted STUFF including: Books, DVD, CDs Electronic Games.







Organise a social event to raise money. 

How often do you find yourself saying to people “We must meet up”?

Raising money could provide the excuse you need to pull out that diary. One of our most successful events was “A Night at the Races” how about scrabble challenge, card playing night, snakes & ladders or murder mystery. Even try a sponsored party…Coffee morning… BBQ… or cheese & wine night…

Need to lose a couple of kilo’s for the holidays/wedding or just to get fit? Motivation helps with a sponsored diet, there are many – www.Zoe worked for me lost 2 stone & saved my life - still slim. Why not get your friends to sponsor you per Kilo lost, in aid of Trust PA?...

TO DOWNLOAD A Trust PA Sponsorship Form ClickHERE


Do you belong to a club or choir?

We would love you & friends to help please, if you would just ask them to hold a Trust PA Charity Concert, Golf day, Gym challenge or similar event? With an event there are lost of ways to raise funds via; entrance fees, bucket collection, charge for refreshments/drinks or hold a raffle… We are always willing to come along, share info and support whereever possible.






Helping us to organise a successful Charity Event 

You might have specific talents e.g. be a printer, singer, acrobat, designer, or DJ, or have new ideas, or simply be prepared to donate a couple of hours to do a mail shot or even help us set up or assist on the day/night.  Gerri would be pleased to hear from you…

Perform a feat of physical endurance

If you are a fitness fiend, how about running a marathon or half marathon, sky dive, bungee jump, abseil a building, climb a mountain, swim the channel, cycle miles say Cardiff to London or push a bed. Alternatively approach an outdoor activity centre and try and obtain an Activity Day for Trust PA and invite all your friends and work mates... 
To make life really easy why not set up a FREE personal Virgin Money Giving "Fundraising Page" which is free and easy to set up, check it out  Click  HERE

Corporate Sponsorship

Please ask your employer if they will match your sponsorship efforts £ for £. Do they operate a charity scheme which might be able to help Trust PA. An example is: Nominating Trust PA as your company charity of the year for example or donating the profits from a company event, sports day or other event, please ask them...

Other people prefer to do something bizarre  and get sponsored like having a bath in beans, shave your head, build a bike for ten, hold a spoon and egg race, hold a duck (plastic) river race, mad hatters tea party, custard pie fight, tug of war, build a mile trail of pennies or any other mad antic all for fun and finance… 

What about a great day out driving a fire engine, tank, train or other strange and unusual vehicle take your friends and get sponsored by your pals, firm or organisation. Hold a sponsored car wash, lawn cutting, window cleaning – ask the scouts or the fire service, army or navy to help The options are endless… 


Auction something very original or quirky! 

like - stand in a bowl of porridge for 12hrs, sleep in the bath for a week, have a water polo competition, fill your boots with baked beans or live in a tree for a month to help Trust PA. The papers/press/media will lap it up & you could become a local celebrity for a day while promoting Trust PA Charity aims! Spreading the word is a very important aspect of what we do so any help is valued.





Example: Speak to a local restaurant about holding a charity meal night with friends. Negotiate special rates & food options, set your ticket price (plus charity donation margin) then invite everyone you know - whether you think they may be interested or not, the important point is - don't decide for them, just invite them.  You can enhance the money raise by holding a raffle, fancy hat competition or other ideas too.


Getting married or have a milestone anniversary/birthday?

Have you already got all the toasters and kettles you need? Would you like your wedding day to be a special occasion for even more people? If so, why not celebrate your Birthday or Anniversary by asking your guests to donate say £20 to Trust PA instead? To make it really easy see the Virgin Money Giving info page see HERE and Donations can benefit from Gift Aid see HERE

If people don’t want to donate their money to you
ask them to donate their stuff and sell it at a local car boot sale. Make sure you take our collection boxes and leaflets and have a sign telling people that it all goes to Trust PA. You will get plenty of interest while raising awareness of Trust PA too and don't forget donations can be increased by the tax man via Gift Aid see below.

Unable to give time but would still like to help? 
Why not make a donation please click on the “donate now” button.
Alternatively please send us a cheque payable to "Trust PA".                                                                                                                             
Post to the address listed in the contact us section, which is:

Trust PA Office
9 Vicarage Court

Pay As You Earn (PAYE)
An easy painless option which we would love you to set up is a PAYE regular monthly donation Direct Debit via your Bank or Building Society…
We will be pleased to give you the Bank/BS details to organise this, just send an email to:

UK Self Assessment Tax Donations.

Trust PA is registered with the Inland Revenue so we can accept the donation of a tax repayment via the Self-Assessment tax return system. The Trust PA code: NAS11TG is an essential requirement for processing your request to donate part or all of your tax repayment to Trust PA and must be entered onto your tax return form.

UK Tax payers can Gift Aid their Donations.

Just fill in the details so the tax man can increase any donation that you make by 25% 

                                                                                                                   (this means that a £10 donation gows to become: - £12.50

Click link to download a Gift Aid Form.